Tuesday, July 31, 2012

~* Keeping Warm and Gothy in Winter *~

Since the weather here is extremely cold at the moment, I've unfortunately started wearing pants regularly to work. I promised myself I would try to only wear skirts but the temptation was too strong because of such frosty, icy weather.

But on this occasion I did manage to wear one of my Winter skirts with thick tights underneath. I have worn this new sweater to work a few times already: it is very college-student looking but I really love the effect of the white lines with the black – I think it gives an illusion that I’m slimmer than I actually am in some small way (hopefully)! Always a bonus!

I tried to wear my hair differently here too – I am not going to wear ponytails so tight all the time as they seem to give me a headache/migraine these days. I’m also wearing my fingerless gloves (which certainly kept me warm) and my lizard brooch.

I am wearing a bracelet that The Husband bought me when he was on a business trip: It was also for my 31st birthday present together with this matching hair pin and a matching hair comb (the comb is not pictured here, but I’m sure I will post a picture of it one day).

What do you like to wear to keep warm in Winter while still retaining your gothiness? And do you sometimes dislike wearing skirts in the wintertime?


  1. Nice bracelet :)

    I don't own any pants (other than bloomers) so I wear stupidly thick wool tights in the winter :)

    1. Thanks!
      I love bloomers - I really want to make some or buy some!
      Yeah, I know, I get lazy and wear pants sometimes. It's only due to laziness.

  2. I'll start by saying that you look cute in that outfit- I especially love the bow scarf. I also love the idea of a cross stitched cameo on the skirt; gives it so much more vintage character than I'd expect. I'll definitely have to keep similar in mind.

    Now to answer your question;

    I used to lived in Canada near the Rockies, and I wore skirts all the time during the frigid winter months-- I usually put on two pairs of wool stockings and it was warmer than wearing just pants.

    I can only speak for myself in saying that, winter is probably the easiest season to look goth. Bustle skirts, corsets, fur trims, and stockings are all staples of goth, I think, and perfect when it's freezing out.

    1. Thanks again... I made the cameo on the skirt. I love to make my own brooches. I will remember that idea of wearing two pairs of tights/stockings. I find I don't have enough time in the mornings before work to put on so many layers and pairs of tights, but I will try!
      I think it is just that putting on pants is quick and easy if you are on a tight schedule.
      I agree that Winter is the easiest season to dress goth because of the layers you can wear. But it's not so easy when you lack the time to put the outfit together. If that makes sense.

  3. Dude, where are you from? It's 100 degrees where I am (F). I don't wear pants as a general rule, so during the winter months I wear tights or stockings under my skirts, and/or layer long skirts so as to create s warm barrier between myself and the elements.

    1. Hi Sarah, I live in Australia. It's a really cold Winter this year. I agree, I do try not to wear pants, but I find them so quick and easy to put on when you are in a rush to leave the house in the morning!
      Layers are a goth's friend (in Winter at least)!