Saturday, July 7, 2012

~* Liebster Award *~

Thank you so much to Bethezda's Preoccupations for tagging me for this award!
The Rules:
Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
Answer the questions the tagger has set for you.

11 Things About Me:

1. I am interested in organisation – that is, being as “organised” as I can be with my time, my life and everything. I think I am quite an organised person, although I still need to improve my time management!

2. I enjoy baking – making cupcakes, desserts, sweets, tartlets etc. But I hate cooking other things – that is, savoury meals or main meals! I know, it sounds crazy doesn’t it? I am a sweet tooth though. I would pick sweets over savoury any day.

3. I am addicted to chocolate, the internet, reading.

4. I have been a massive fan of Winona Ryder since I was a teenager and continue to be a fan (despite THE shoplifting INCIDENT).

5. As embarrassing as it may sound now, I used to be infatuated with Joey Lawrence when I was a teenager.

6. I am petrified of public speaking and I shake, stammer and get so nervous that I make a fool out of myself.

7. I’m very shy. I’ve been an introvert since I was a child, although I am slowly becoming more outgoing these days and trying to force myself to be more sociable and talkative.

8. I have low self esteem. Even though I try terribly hard to become more confident, no matter how hard I try, I still seem to have these nagging self doubts about the way I look, my value/worth as a human being and everything in between.

9. I do Kabbalistic tarot readings for myself everyday together with affirmations. I feel these assist me with my daily life and provide spiritual development.

10. I call my daughter my “gothling heart”, my “baby bat”, my “darkling” and various other nick-names.
11. At the moment, I am attending sewing lessons (which I am really enjoying) to improve my sewing skills.

The questions I was asked from Lady Bethezda @ Bethezdas Preoccupations:

1. What is something you used to do all the time and now don't, but miss?
I used to do yoga all the time and I really miss it. I started yoga when I was about 16 years old, and it completely changed my life. I couldn’t believe I had actually discovered something that made me feel so relaxed, calm and refreshed afterwards. Nowadays I cannot go to classes. If I am lucky I might do a bit of yoga on the odd occasion (which is on a rare occasion on the weekends)!

2. Makeup Y or N?
Yes, always, everyday, even to the grocery store, even if it’s just a bit of eyeliner etc. However, I don’t wear foundation or anything like that. I might wear a bit of concealer if I’m going to a fancy party or wedding, but that’s about it. I mainly use translucent powder for daily use.

3. Tea or Coffee?
Tea! Tea! Always addicted to Tea! I am actually allergic to caffeine which rules out all coffee anyway. So I don’t drink regular tea either. It has to be herbal teas – caffeine free. I adore rosehip the most (see my cup below) but most of the teas are delicious – lemongrass, cammomile, peppermint – Yum!

4. Pointy toe or round toe?
I like them both and I wear them both but I would have to say I like pointed toe shoes better. They look gothier to me, and they look witchy so the witchiness factor would be the main reason.

5. Long or short nails?
I would love long nails but unfortunately mine are relatively short because I do not have the time or energy to look after them properly or go to a special manicurist or anything.

6. Favorite Summer activity?
Hmm… That’s a hard one because I am not a huge fan of Summer and the Sun. I like going for walks in the sun though, it really does help me with Vitamin D and so forth. So I would say walking and enjoying ice cream (I love ice cream)!

7. Favorite Winter activity?
I am a bit of a hermit and a homebody. I love staying home with a cup of tea and the heater on either reading my books; writing; cuddling/snuggling my lovely daughter and husband; watching DVDs or listening to music etc. Just chilling out and relaxing. That’s my dream and what I adore doing.

8. Favorite Holiday?
I assume you mean major holidays in each year? Well, that’s easy - Halloween, of course. Yes, I am one of those clich├ęd goths who adores Halloween, bats, spiders, Nightmare Before Christmas and everything that is associated with it. Also because I am a witch, it is a meaningful holiday to me.

9. Do you prefer to call someone or text/email them?
Depends on the situation. If it’s just to organise a time to catch up in person, I might email or text the person. If it’s about another more delicate or complicated matter, or if I cannot physically meet up with them for some reason, I would chat on the telephone. I don’t really mind either way though.

10. Full skirt or straight?
Full skirts are my favourite – especially a gothic lolita style petticoat enhanced skirt. Straight skirts don’t suit me but they do look great on many women, especially in a rockabilly outfit.

11. Tights or bare legs?
I’d have to say tights because of all the different types of patterns and styles you can get. Bare legs can get boring (unless you have a wonderful physique or lots of lovely tattoos)!

Thanks for reading. Unfortunately, I don’t really have time to tag a bunch of people or ask all sorts of questions – hope you can forgive me!

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