Tuesday, July 17, 2012

~* My Everyday Make Up Look *~

This is how I wear my make up casually whenever I am not at work - either on the weekends, on my day off and so forth. I even wear this make up when I go to buy groceries, run errands and whenever I leave the house.

You can see that my eye make up is a bit more extravagant than my Corporate look. On the lid is charcoal eyeshadow with black liquid eyeliner over the top, with black eyeliner and black mascara. Sometimes I also draw a little line with the liquid eyeliner or I might draw designs or lovehearts around the eye too (depending on my mood and what time I have to spend on my make up).

For the lips it’s usually just a red or purple lipstick colour – I rarely wear black lipstick but sometimes I wear brown lipstick.

On my face I use cleanser, then moisturiser with SPF 15, then sunscreen SPF 30 then I use a brush and apply talcum powder over the top (yes, that is MY SECRET - it is just an ordinary talcum powder – it does the same job as a translucent powder that you would buy in a cosmetics counter but so much cheaper – plus, the same ingredient is in the translucent powder anyway).

I only use concealer or foundation on my face if I am going to a special event! I try not to use it too much because it makes me want to scratch my face off and also I find it makes me get pimples everywhere. So that is why I rarely use it. I find the powder does enough to cover the redness of my skin.

Here I'm also wearing my tattoo choker (I wear it almost everyday) and a sparkly black bow in my hair.

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  1. I used to have a tattoo choker like that, I wonder what I did with it?