Tuesday, August 28, 2012

~* Liebster Award Part Two *~

Firstly, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to all my new followers and readers! I sincerey appreciate your support... ♥

Secondly, I was recently tagged by the lovely lady, Madame Mari Mortem for another Liebster Award. Thank you!

Since I was awarded this recently, I will revert to the 11 facts about me here.

To answer her questions:

1. If you could live anywhere and be anything, what and where would it be?
To be honest, I love living in Australia. It is a beautiful country and I'm really happy with it. I am also going to be honest and say I am very happy being ME. I am proud of my past, where my life has taken me and all the various things to look forward to. I love being myself.

2. Have you seen any kind of "wonder of the world" attraction, and if so which? ( ex. Grand Canyon, Northern Lights, Eiffel Tower, Stonehenge...)
I've travelled to Europe back in 1999, and visited many countries, but what I cherish the most is my visit to Jim Morrison's gravesite in Paris at Pere Lachaise. It was a very spiritual experience to me, a real pilgrimage. As you might guess, I am a huge, devoted Doors fan. The Doors have changed my life and continue to do so. I wanted to pay my respects. I left a poem I wrote for Jim on the gravesite.

3. You're a chef-- what's today's special?
Chocolate mousse and freshly baked Strawberry Cheesecake mini cupcakes. Yum! Sorry, I only do desserts!

4. In the past month (not "ever"), what was one limited item you wanted SO badly but ended up not buying and deeply regret that decision?
There are so many for this question! But to speak of just one item, there was a coffin bat backpack I wish I purchased because they are now sold out so I am very upset.

5. You just won a $500 gift card, where is it for and what will you buy there?
I would love to use such a gift card at one of my favourite online stores, Uncle Festers. There are so many items on that site (everything really) that I would love for both my gothiness and my witchiness.

6. How do you resolve a conflict? "Make love not war, man" or "Let's find the happy median" or "DEMS FIGHTN WORDS!!!1!"
I would say it is the "Let's find the happy median" because life is about compromise and sacrifice for your loved ones, you need to find a middle ground and agree on something or even just to agree to disagree so to speak.

7. You just won backstage passes-- what show/band are they for?
The Doors of course. Back in the 60s when Jim was still alive. That would be my dream... ♥

8. Au naturel or Eau de toilette (no perfume or perfume)? If you chose perfume, what is your favorite scent or scent combo?
Perfume - definitely. I love to use Calvin Klein - Eternity. Not just for the smell, but it is the only scent my husband can tolerate and is not allergic to (he has many allergies).

9. When you die will you be buried or cremated? And during your funeral will your casket be open or closed, and why?
Buried. Closed Casket. Both answers are because of my Jewitch heritage.

10. What's your idea of a romantic or awesome day out?
Romance to me is a state of mind. It's the little things. I love being near nature, a rainforest, while sipping a glass of Absinthe, with my husband reading me his poetry or vice versa. Simple things. An awesome day out would be much the same, except my awesome daughter would also be with us and we would all probably go see some animals at a farm or zoo or go shopping and we would all eat some icecream or something like that - divine! ♥

11. If you could learn an ancient fighting style, from which culture would you pick?
Hmm, that's a difficult one. I would like to learn something like Tai-chi because it would also be used for relaxation purposes, not just fighting. Or perhaps Fencing would be interesting, although I don't think I could learn it realistically.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

~* Flashback to Mother's Day 2012 *~

Since I haven't had the time to take any current photos this week, I thought I would show you all what I wore to celebrate my second ever Mother's Day as a mum (Yay!) - a flashback to May this year.

As you can probably guess, I chose a theme of red and black for my outfit - which is a common colour scheme I use in my wardrobe. So I suppose this would be belatedly appropriate for Sophistique Noir's Red and Black Week a couple of months ago. Here I am wearing my red mini-top hat together with a red silky scarf, red fishnet gloves, lace black flowing skirt, red and black stripey t-shirt under a black singlet and a long, red necklace of heart-shaped pearls.

I'm wearing my red and black Emily the Strange badge - I love Emily items, I collect them, I also have an Emily book and comic - very cute.

This is my skeleton-dog brooch. I love it. I wear it very often. Two of my good friends bought it for me while they were in Japan - in the amazing town of Harajuku (the home of Lolita fashion trends and elegant gothic lolitas too) which I long to visit someday.

For my second Mother’s Day as a Mum we firstly went to a High Tea at my Mum-in-Laws’ place to celebrate her birthday together with Mother’s Day. It was lovely and I baked triple-chocolate cupcakes and brought a cold meat platter. We also managed to see my parents and go shopping with them and enjoy a coffee and cake so it was a delightful weekend indeed!

How did the bloggers out there celebrate Mother's Day (whether with your own parents or with your own children etc)?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

~* Belated Bat Fit Entry *~

My sincere apologies to The Professor for the lateness of taking part in Bat Fit… I have been a member of the Bat Fit Facebook Group for a while now but I was unable to participate until now due to illnesses etc.

Bat Fit Challenge #12 is to review the last six months and take measure of your progress.

2012 has been a strange year for me so far. I thought it started out well but things haven’t really been tremendous since I have been sick 5 times and my daughter has been ill 7 times. There is something seriously wrong with my immune system and I am not sure what that is. Since getting the flu vaccine at work in May, I haven’t been AS ill but I still have caught another head cold off my daughter.
So because of these persistent health issues, I have not been able to get enough sleep and thus haven’t been dedicated enough with getting up early, exercising in the morning etc. But to focus on the positive, I have accomplished a lot with my studies - I am more than half way through my course and also have started completing practical on-the-job experience recently. So my career and education goals are going well – I’ve even begun a Wicca course this year which is going superbly. I’m also still attending sewing classes and trying to incorporate more creativity into my life.

Main Bat Fit Goals for the next 6 months:

1) To exercise daily and eat correctly every day! Try to cook more and buy more fresh foods. Try to sort out all problems with my health and immune system.

At the moment I am on a strict regime of the Blood Type Diet (I just realised the name of the diet sounds a bit Gothy doesn't it? Ha ha - definitely suitable for Bat Fit). Read more information on my diet here. I am Type 0 which is a very difficult diet, I’m finding it very hard to stick to since there are 34 foods I cannot eat (It is difficult to remember those 34 foods that I cannot eat). I need to increase my intake of Antioxidants, Garlic, Ginger and water. I need to stop overdosing in Sugar. I need to do more Meditation/Yoga/Breathing/Tai Chi! And try to get 8 hours of sleep!

2) Socialise - see friends. Don’t just write to them on Facebook or text messages. Don’t be lazy. Also, try to attend events of interest (witchy events and gothy events etc) more frequently.

3) Try to focus on my Altar and Book of Shadows, my blogs / web pages, and my new age gothy jewitchy Spirituality more. Don’t ignore this aspect of my life with excuses that I’m “too busy”.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

~* Focusing on Accessories *~

I've been busy working part time and studying part time so I've been a bit lazy with my outfits this year. But this top works really well in a Corporate Goth scenario. I like the contrast of the cream trimmings / crochet sections with the black.

I am wearing my favourite antiquey looking necklace that has lovehearts in different colours (some gold) on it.

Also a brooch which was a gift from my father-in-law when he went to New Zealand – indeed, he knows my tastes!

I like hair pins at the moment – These ones have unfortunately fallen apart but I did like the cuteness of them, and I was able to wear them to work as they are not too ‘spooky’ – ha ha.
A choker I wear occasionally – also can be used in a Corporate Goth manner...