Tuesday, August 21, 2012

~* Flashback to Mother's Day 2012 *~

Since I haven't had the time to take any current photos this week, I thought I would show you all what I wore to celebrate my second ever Mother's Day as a mum (Yay!) - a flashback to May this year.

As you can probably guess, I chose a theme of red and black for my outfit - which is a common colour scheme I use in my wardrobe. So I suppose this would be belatedly appropriate for Sophistique Noir's Red and Black Week a couple of months ago. Here I am wearing my red mini-top hat together with a red silky scarf, red fishnet gloves, lace black flowing skirt, red and black stripey t-shirt under a black singlet and a long, red necklace of heart-shaped pearls.

I'm wearing my red and black Emily the Strange badge - I love Emily items, I collect them, I also have an Emily book and comic - very cute.

This is my skeleton-dog brooch. I love it. I wear it very often. Two of my good friends bought it for me while they were in Japan - in the amazing town of Harajuku (the home of Lolita fashion trends and elegant gothic lolitas too) which I long to visit someday.

For my second Mother’s Day as a Mum we firstly went to a High Tea at my Mum-in-Laws’ place to celebrate her birthday together with Mother’s Day. It was lovely and I baked triple-chocolate cupcakes and brought a cold meat platter. We also managed to see my parents and go shopping with them and enjoy a coffee and cake so it was a delightful weekend indeed!

How did the bloggers out there celebrate Mother's Day (whether with your own parents or with your own children etc)?


  1. That is an adorable little dog brooch!

    (btw I tagged you in my blog for liebster)

    1. Thanks so much! I will do an entry for the Liebster soon.