Tuesday, August 14, 2012

~* Belated Bat Fit Entry *~

My sincere apologies to The Professor for the lateness of taking part in Bat Fit… I have been a member of the Bat Fit Facebook Group for a while now but I was unable to participate until now due to illnesses etc.

Bat Fit Challenge #12 is to review the last six months and take measure of your progress.

2012 has been a strange year for me so far. I thought it started out well but things haven’t really been tremendous since I have been sick 5 times and my daughter has been ill 7 times. There is something seriously wrong with my immune system and I am not sure what that is. Since getting the flu vaccine at work in May, I haven’t been AS ill but I still have caught another head cold off my daughter.
So because of these persistent health issues, I have not been able to get enough sleep and thus haven’t been dedicated enough with getting up early, exercising in the morning etc. But to focus on the positive, I have accomplished a lot with my studies - I am more than half way through my course and also have started completing practical on-the-job experience recently. So my career and education goals are going well – I’ve even begun a Wicca course this year which is going superbly. I’m also still attending sewing classes and trying to incorporate more creativity into my life.

Main Bat Fit Goals for the next 6 months:

1) To exercise daily and eat correctly every day! Try to cook more and buy more fresh foods. Try to sort out all problems with my health and immune system.

At the moment I am on a strict regime of the Blood Type Diet (I just realised the name of the diet sounds a bit Gothy doesn't it? Ha ha - definitely suitable for Bat Fit). Read more information on my diet here. I am Type 0 which is a very difficult diet, I’m finding it very hard to stick to since there are 34 foods I cannot eat (It is difficult to remember those 34 foods that I cannot eat). I need to increase my intake of Antioxidants, Garlic, Ginger and water. I need to stop overdosing in Sugar. I need to do more Meditation/Yoga/Breathing/Tai Chi! And try to get 8 hours of sleep!

2) Socialise - see friends. Don’t just write to them on Facebook or text messages. Don’t be lazy. Also, try to attend events of interest (witchy events and gothy events etc) more frequently.

3) Try to focus on my Altar and Book of Shadows, my blogs / web pages, and my new age gothy jewitchy Spirituality more. Don’t ignore this aspect of my life with excuses that I’m “too busy”.


  1. Its very difficult to exercise when you're sick, besides it can be dangerous. I had the same experience this year. Kids can be a source to the diseases, small kids interact with each other more physically. I was never so sick as the years my children went to kindergarten.

    1. I agree. I guess since my daughter is only 1 year old, I have a great deal of sickness ahead of me. No one tells you this stuff when you are thinking of having a child, do they? They only tell you the good stuff. :)