Tuesday, November 27, 2012

~* Birthday Merriment, Frankenweenie and Quick Update *~

Sorry as usual for the lack of regular posts, we have been so busy lately (which is to be expected at this time of year I suppose)...

♥ Birthday Merriment ♥:
I honestly can't believe I'm another year older! Where did the year vanish to?
It was my 32nd birthday (I feel so old!!) and I had many merry moments because it was a lovely, long, *birthday* weekend (I didn’t have to go back to work until Thursday of the following week).

Off to see Frankenweenie to celebrate my 32nd Birthday

To celebrate, we went out for delicious dinner three times; plus several afternoon teas with the family; fun and games at Eleni's 2nd birthday party; a date night to see Frankenweenie (I adored it, especially the character development, voices, animation & the fact it was in black & white -- 8.5/10);

...as well as shopping adventures for gorgeous birthday presents (a cute coffin backpack with PVC bat and a splendid Spin Doctor Victorian skirt ♥) at Victorian Gothic shop in Brunswick St.

Birthday gift 1: This is the gorgeous Spin Doctor Victorian style skirt (from Victorian Gothic)

Birthday Gift #2: This is the PVC Coffin Bat Backpack (from Victorian Gothic)

I can't wait to wear and use my gifts! So excited! Also, a huge thanks to my splendid sewing friends for throwing me a delightful post-birthday soirée in class the other day!

In other news, I have only one assignment left to do and then I will have completed my course - Yay! Nearly there...

Here is what I wore to see Frankenweenie (sorry for the bad photo quality):

My standard Vintage black hat, blouse and skirt with cameo necklace.

Also a pic without my hat on!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

~* ::Old Photo of the Day:: Lady in Red *~

Here are a couple of old photos from 2010 when I attended a friend’s semi-casual afternoon wedding. It also displays a bit of the home decor of the place we used to live in (this is the way it looked before we repainted the walls pewter cup grey with shiny black borders and skirting boards etc).

I decided to wear a red and black outfit. As usual, I'm wearing a vintage outfit: a red pillbox hat from a thrift store (or opportunity shop as they are known in Australia); black beaded choker; red rose brooches; vintage cameo; red fishnet top under black top with red-and-black singlet over it; with a tiny red handbag. I'm also wearing one of my all-time favourite velvety skirts (you can slightly see the black and red striped legwarmers underneath).

We still have these antique Victorian chairs - they are ebonised wood from the 1800's with red velvet. I love them but they aren't very practical, especially with a toddler running around the house. We plan on getting another dining room setting very soon as well as other furniture we need. I will write future blog posts about our gothy home decor and renovation plans for our current abode.

We still have this rug also - it took us a long time to find it and decide on it - it has an ornate Victorian-style border and plain black in the centre.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

~* Gothic Lolita Style - Recent Outfit of the Day*~

I apologise once again for the lack of posts, it was my birthday recently as well as a long weekend where I live (and also Halloween) so I have been super busy.

Here is a recent outfit I wore to a One-year-old birthday party. It is sort of Gothic Lolita inspired and I am wearing my lovely Retroscope Fashions skirt that I found and purchased at the amazing Black Market (alternative market) back in July this year!


I wore my black and white skull socks, high-heeled boots with skull laces, skully-dog badge, fishnet fingerless gloves, my gothic lolita black and cream coloured top, skull lady cameo necklace, tattoo choker, Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas badge, skull shoelaces in my hair, and my floppy hat again (decorated with heart and skull hair clips).

It was a cold day so I got to wear my vintage seond hand military jacket and my skull scarf! This jacket had a button missing so I just put a badge over it instead. It's one of those "Goth and Proud" pins which I think makes the jacket look better! I also wore a cameo ring and various other accessories (I personally don't believe in the "Less is More" philosophy - if it's done right I think More is good)! <3

Do you believe "Less is More" when it comes to fashion and outfits?