Tuesday, November 27, 2012

~* Birthday Merriment, Frankenweenie and Quick Update *~

Sorry as usual for the lack of regular posts, we have been so busy lately (which is to be expected at this time of year I suppose)...

♥ Birthday Merriment ♥:
I honestly can't believe I'm another year older! Where did the year vanish to?
It was my 32nd birthday (I feel so old!!) and I had many merry moments because it was a lovely, long, *birthday* weekend (I didn’t have to go back to work until Thursday of the following week).

Off to see Frankenweenie to celebrate my 32nd Birthday

To celebrate, we went out for delicious dinner three times; plus several afternoon teas with the family; fun and games at Eleni's 2nd birthday party; a date night to see Frankenweenie (I adored it, especially the character development, voices, animation & the fact it was in black & white -- 8.5/10);

...as well as shopping adventures for gorgeous birthday presents (a cute coffin backpack with PVC bat and a splendid Spin Doctor Victorian skirt ♥) at Victorian Gothic shop in Brunswick St.

Birthday gift 1: This is the gorgeous Spin Doctor Victorian style skirt (from Victorian Gothic)

Birthday Gift #2: This is the PVC Coffin Bat Backpack (from Victorian Gothic)

I can't wait to wear and use my gifts! So excited! Also, a huge thanks to my splendid sewing friends for throwing me a delightful post-birthday soirée in class the other day!

In other news, I have only one assignment left to do and then I will have completed my course - Yay! Nearly there...

Here is what I wore to see Frankenweenie (sorry for the bad photo quality):

My standard Vintage black hat, blouse and skirt with cameo necklace.

Also a pic without my hat on!


  1. Oh, Happy Birthday! I'm glad you've had a great celebration! ^^

    I'm looking forward to see Frankenweenie as well, but it's only going to be released here in January...:/

    1. Thank you! I'm sure you will love Frankenweenie!

  2. Glad you had a lovely birthday! You always look so cute!

    Frankenweenie made me cry...a lot. It was a little embarrassing actually haha!

    1. Thanx Heather! I was a bit teary-eyed too so no need to feel embarrassed! :)