Wednesday, November 7, 2012

~* Gothic Lolita Style - Recent Outfit of the Day*~

I apologise once again for the lack of posts, it was my birthday recently as well as a long weekend where I live (and also Halloween) so I have been super busy.

Here is a recent outfit I wore to a One-year-old birthday party. It is sort of Gothic Lolita inspired and I am wearing my lovely Retroscope Fashions skirt that I found and purchased at the amazing Black Market (alternative market) back in July this year!


I wore my black and white skull socks, high-heeled boots with skull laces, skully-dog badge, fishnet fingerless gloves, my gothic lolita black and cream coloured top, skull lady cameo necklace, tattoo choker, Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas badge, skull shoelaces in my hair, and my floppy hat again (decorated with heart and skull hair clips).

It was a cold day so I got to wear my vintage seond hand military jacket and my skull scarf! This jacket had a button missing so I just put a badge over it instead. It's one of those "Goth and Proud" pins which I think makes the jacket look better! I also wore a cameo ring and various other accessories (I personally don't believe in the "Less is More" philosophy - if it's done right I think More is good)! <3

Do you believe "Less is More" when it comes to fashion and outfits?


  1. I am definitely not a "less is more" person. Coco Chanel said to take off one thing before leaving the house. I say put on three more!

    Also: I am coveting that jacket. Lovely outfit!

    1. Thanks lovely lady! :) I totally feel the same way, I love accessories, the more the merrier!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! You look charming! I also agree with Electrobat ;)