Tuesday, October 23, 2012

~* Polka-Dot Party Decor and Food *~

As promised, here are the photos of some of the decorations and food for our daughter's Polka-dot themed 2nd birthday party (sorry for the delay in posting this)! We went to a bit of effort organising it all and it turned out quite nicely I think! What do you all think?

I created the invites which were black and pink in theme (with polka-dots of course)... For the decorations, I created polka-dot-related posters on the computer and laminated them (the photos are from Google images)... There were also purple and black balloons around the place... On the food table, we had polka-dot straws, polka-dot placemats, polka-dot table cloth and table runners, polka-dot napkins, polka-dot candles for the cake (and for decor), plus polka-dot tea pot, saucer and mugs... For the favours, I put lots of candy and toys into a black and white polka-dot bag that was pegged together with a little ladybird (there were also ladybirds scattered on the table as decor)... In the back yard, we had colourful lanterns and a great deal of CDs (to go with the circular theme) scattered around the garden...

For the food, we tried to include "circular-style" foods such as: fairy bread in circle shapes, chocolate chip cookies, gorgeous hand-decorated cookies made by my brother-in-law's very creative girlfriend, marshmellows, circular candies, cold meats, punch bowl, apple pies, cherry tomatoes and other vegetabes cut in circular shapes, dips with crackers (circular of course), chocolate ripple cake, and a big birthday cake with smarties on top etc.

Activities were mainly just playing with toys and whistles etc, plus we had a lovely family friend doing some entertaining - she made all the children balloon-animals and also sang songs and played music on her guitar etc... Totally awesome indeed!