Thursday, October 10, 2013

~* Pregnant Goth Outfits *~

As you may have guessed, I've been struggling with the newborn baby bat so I've had zero free time to blog... So I thought I would show you some outfit photos from when I was pregnant as well as a post pregnancy picture (while I was still in hospital). I never got big in this pregnancy, and often people thought I was not pregnant at all. This was unfortunately due to my placenta and other medical issues. But I can assure you, I definitely was pregnant; and I now have a 3 and a half month old baby to prove it! :o)

One Month Pregnant -  Trip to Eltham Mini-Railway - I wore my black straw-like hat which I decorated with a handmade headband that my relative made; teamed with a lace cardigan, a Nightmare Before Christmas t-shirt, and a handmade fabric brooch!


4 Months Pregnant - I was off to a birthday party so I had to bring my new coffin purse with me! Also wearing a lace babydoll dress, leggings with jewels on the sides, and one of my new brooches that has a chain attached to it.

6 Months Pregnant - Family gathering for Mothers' Day! We went to a lovely chinese restaurant for lunch. I wore a skull in my favourite soft velvety hat, my rose tapestry skirt brooch, velvet short-sleeve cardigan, spiderweb top, chiffon-like skirt and my butterfly necklace again.

Post Pregnancy Outfit - pictured here in the waiting room of the hospital not long after my daughter's birth and my hospital stay. Dressed very casually here in my "We're all a little Mad" Alice in Wonderland t-shirt...