Sunday, December 29, 2013

~* New Blog Name, New Year *~

Happy New Year, darklings!

Please note I have renamed this blog "Midnight Gothic", previously known as The Stardust Castle
Please update all your bookmarks to as the dashboard blogger feed doesn't appear to be working at the moment.

I have new, exciting plans in store for 2014 as this blog will evolve and become not only an "outfit blog" but also feature my new business endeavours and goals... I hope you will continue reading about my journey.

Heavenly Hugs!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

~* Our Enchanted Gothic Cottage: Goth Home Decor and Renovating *~

Yay, we are now living somewhere new - we moved in last year into what I like to call our "Enchanted Gothic Cottage". We have been very busy with renovations and decorations this year! We definitely needed to "goth" it up as everything was white, disgusting green and cream and we were not comfortable with it. Of course, Bane's blog Goth it Yourself has been a big inspiration here.

The walls and ceilings we painted grey and the borders and skirting boards black. We also updated all the curtains, light fittings, power points, furniture, decor etc. Let me know your thoughts on the transformations.

Here are photos of the house before we made any changes - in fact, before we even moved in.

Warning -- lots of photos ahead!! These photos are after we completed most of our renovations! We still have lots more to do to the house but that's all we will be doing for the time being.

 Bathroom Door

 Toilet Door

 Inside the toilet is a Batman poster and some magazines in a basket.

Our bedroom wall with all my Doors/Jim Morrison collectibles

 Our bedroom closet.

 Our bed with our Sin in linen spiderweb sheet set.

 Our daughter's gothy bedroom.

Wall in her bedroom.

 Her skull-covered bed sheet set.

 She has her own fish tank and pet fish.

 Close up of some of her gothy toys.

 More gothy toys.

 Her wardrobe.

 Another view of her room.

 Our dining room (complete with black high chair).

 Our gothic light fittings.

 Gothy table cloth and table decor.

 Liquor cabinet.

 Wall of wedding photos etc.

 Hall entrance with poster of Jim.
 Hall entrance.
 Hall entry with gothic light fitting.

 Hallway picture frames.
 Linen closet.

 Side of kitchen and fridge.

 My second wardrobe that I keep in the laundry as it is a very big laundry.

 Front of laundry.

 Side of laundry.

 Door of laundry.

 Lounge area - red velvet Victorian antique chairs.

Display cabinet in lounge area.

My wedding dress on display on a dressmaker's mannequin.

More stuff on display.

Chesterfield couch set.

The Crow poster, world globe and display cabinet - all in lounge area.

 The Lost Boys and Dracula posters in lounge/living room.

 Lounge/Living room.

Wizard poster in lounge area.
 Rumpus room (play room).

 Door to rumpus.

My desk in the study including laptop and sewing machine etc.

The Study with my filing cabinet and witchy supplies cabinet.

My wardrobe with coffin and skeleton decor etc.

Cot with Jack Skellington bedding set.

I hope you enjoyed this journey around my household! Seasons greetings to all of you, I hope you all have a lovely festive season and a happy new year! I hope 2014 is a better year for all of us...