Wednesday, December 26, 2012

~* Festive Season Silliness *~

It's been a crazy and busy holiday season so far for us! We are currently renovating the new house we moved into - it is being painted as I type - the exterior and interior - plus lots of other decorating... But more about that in a future post.

The day after my last day at work we took my in-laws and my parents out to dinner to thank them for looking after our daughter so I could go back to work part time! We went to a lovely chinese restaurant and we shouted them all their meals! This is the casual outfit I wore:

As you can see I'm wearing my Tru-Blood t-shirt which I adore!

I also got to go to playgroup with my daughter for the first time (normally I'm at work and my Mum takes her there). That was a fun day. Then at night we went out for dinner with all the ladies at playgroup - it was a lovely evening out.

Here are some outfit photos from The Husband's and his Dad's birthday celebrations (their birthdays are both a couple of days apart so we celebrate them together). We had a BBQ at my mother-in-law's place!

Here you can see I'm wearing my new coffin backpack - I adore it so much! I'm also wearing my new corset-style top with my new sheer blouse (both birthday presents from my sewing friend). It's hot weather here nowadays (Summer)  so I wore my lightweight, sheer long skirt to be more comfortable! I'm also wearing my Emily the Strange skirt brooch that I made myself, and my Summer hat with a handmade headband decorating it.

The next day we went to the beach with my daughter for the very first time. She went in the water, collected shells and made sandcastles and had the best time ever! It was lovely! Then we went afterwards for icecream and drinks. I'm really enjoying this family time!

It was our anniversary of six years of marriage recently - wow - I cannot believe how quickly time flies! We have actually known each other for over 9 years but we've been married for 6. We went to a lovely mexican restaurant for dinner in Chapel Street and then to a cafe for coffee and cake and it was the same cafe we went to on our first date, so it was an enchanting evening and very romantic!

On Christmas Day we went to my Mum's BBQ with some family friends which was fun and the food was delicious! I also watched Nightmare Before Christmas with my daughter - we watch it every year on Christmas Day - our little tradition.

Happy Holidays to you all! More outfit photos to come (I just need to find the time to sort and crop them)!


  1. J'adore the coffin backpack! xD

    1. Thanks Kelsey! I really need to update this journal soon!

  2. Aaw a true blood top! this is great!