Monday, July 2, 2012

~* Another Goth Girl's Blog of Outfits and Life... *~

This journal will focus on examples of some of my outfits for work, weekends, functions/events etc. I hope you enjoy it and it is not too boring...

Firstly, a sampling of my Corporate Gothy Attire:

Here I am wearing my standard work outfit – I always tend to wear the Alice in Wonderland necklace, the spiderweb badge, the rose tapestry brooch on my skirt (for some reason I like to wear brooches on my skirts – it’s an idea I came up with myself. This is a brooch I made myself using embroidery that I found in a picture frame and then sewing a black lace border around it and turning it into a brooch. Easy and effective). When it’s cold I like to wear a scarf and decorative clip around my neck. The clip is actually a hair clip but I wear it around my neck instead (I’m strange like that – always finding other ways to use things). I also always wear pieces of fabric in my hair as ribbons (alrhough I never really tie them in bows, I just leave them to hang as long strips as though they are part of my hair). I also prefer to wear a cardigan rather than a jumper so I can always take it off easily if I get hot during the day. I am wearing black shimmery bows in my hair (they have sequins) but it’s not so easy to see them in this photo. As usual, I have my spider earrings on.


  1. Your pigtails are really cute too!

    1. Thanks Sarah for the lovely compliments. I am new to the world of blogging so I'm still a bit shy about it all. Do you have a blog I can follow?

    2. Oh, it's okay, I found your blog now. Just joined it, I will take a look. :o)

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