Friday, July 6, 2012

~* An Evening Casual Goth Outfit *~

It's finally Friday evening, and the end of another working week... And here I am wearing an outfit I would generally wear from work to casual evenings out (for example, going from work to dinner at my mother-in-law’s place etc).

I simply changed my accessories and changed into a more gothy, velvety cardigan. I changed the ribbons in my hair to skull shoelaces (who said I bought these to go on my shoes? I definitely intended to wear them in my hair thankyouverymuch).

And for some reason I didn’t want to wear lipstick, which is very rare for me actually. But it does happen when there are odd days I would rather not wear lipstick. Actually I am not really wearing much make up here except for some eyeliner and translucent powder.

These are shoes I wear casually, sometimes for work but generally I wear these small heeled velvet Victorian shoes on the weekends. I found them at a Garage Sale (Yard Sale) and they used to belong to an elderly lady so they truly are Victorian and Old World. And they are very well made! They certainly don’t make shoes like these anymore!

A very easy way to dress up shoes is to tie some ribbon or fabric strip onto them. I added the lace bows on these shoes - I simply tied some fabric on to them and presto!

What do you like to do to jazz up your shoes?


  1. I love the shoelace/ribbon idea!

    I don't really jazz up my shoes, per se, but I do wear Halloween socks all year round, so when I'm feeling a bit jazzy, I'll wear some shoes that allow my socks to be seen in all their spooky glory.

    1. Thanx! I love spooky socks too! And stockings / tights!

  2. love your necklace
    P.S. I tagged you for a Liebster award.

  3. Me too -- about the necklace!
    I only have a few pair of shoes that have laces. I tend to change the laces out with ribbons. And spats. I really like spats to change my shoes.

    1. Hi, and thank you!

      Yes, using ribbons instead of laces (or bits of fabric) is a great idea!

      Wow, I wish I had spats. That would be awesome. Do you make the spats yourself or buy them?