Tuesday, July 10, 2012

~* A Casual Goth Outfit - Sunday Shopping *~

This is a standard weekend outfit - I usually wear something like this to go shopping or go about my daily errands.

Here I am wearing my casual floppy velvet black hat which I decorated generically with a black fabric rose etc.

I’m also wearing my gorgeous Alchemy Gothic Bat Pendant necklace (described as "Creature of the night in full flight; on split chain"), a fake tattoo choker and skull brooch.

This is a semi-punk-goth outfit I suppose, since I am wearing the tartan mini-skirt and the "Punk Lives" singlet over my lace rimmed long sleeve top.
What do you like to wear to go shopping and run errands?


  1. The hat and the necklace are so cute!

    I generally wear what I post in my blog; don't think of that comment as some kind of desperate attempt to make you look, but it isn't inaccurate to say it either.

    However most days if it's literally a quick errand, I put on a blouse with my wide leg capri yoga pants-- I don't put a ton of effort into it, much less my hair which is generally tremendously frazzled lol.

    1. Thanks so much Madame Mari! Yes, I will definitely check out your lovely blog. Yoga pants are so comfortable, aren't they?

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