Friday, July 27, 2012

~* A bit of Crochet for the Day *~

Here I am wearing my standard Corporate Goth Attire but also with a crochet black cardigan that really gives it a bit more pizazz and interest. What do you think?

Unfortunately with my job I cannot wear very outrageous outfits, they have to be a bit conservative since I am often near the reception desk and so forth.

I’m also wearing my new Mary-Jane-style shoes that I got from a thrift store, which I decorated with some satin black ribbons.

This is an old world Victorian brooch I found at a Collectables and Antique Fair. I really fell in love with it and also managed to get it for a bargain. I also sometimes wear it for semi-formal affairs like daytime parties or functions.


  1. Seen you on Ladies in Black, very nice blog! Followed! :D

    1. Thanks Laura! I really appreciate it as I am new to the world of blogging. I will also check out your lovely blog. :o)