Saturday, April 20, 2013

~* Organising my Wardrobes and House *~

Wow, what a cleansing feeling to finally finish organising my wardrobes and clothes! It has taken me about 8 months to get to this stage since we moved house! Yay, it's done now. The hard part is trying to keep it organised and not throwing my clothes in it sporadically with laziness like I sometimes do.

I have two wardrobes because I have so many clothes (I really need more than two wardrobes, since I don't like to throw things away). I have even labelled areas of the wardrobes for easy access and use. I categorised them in the following way:

This big wardrobe houses all my formal black clothes -- tops (both short sleeve and long sleeve, on hangers together with cardigans), dresses and skirts. On the bottom section I also have my pajamas and lingerie; shoe collection; tights, socks and stockings; as well as underwear. In the top shelves are some of my accessories such as hats, dressing gowns, dress-ups, gloves, masks, scarves, corsetry, handbags and purses...

Close-ups (I really need to find or make pretty containers instead of using the cardboard boxes, but at least it is organised for the time being):

This smaller wardrobe is mainly to house all my non-black (or coloured) clothes as well as all my large coats (with more black tops under them in the hangers); my casual clothes including long sleeve and short sleeve tops and singlet tops; sweaters; cardigan collection for all seasons and other scarves...


I also organised my accessories (that I keep in my bathroom cupboards) and labelled all my containers so it will be very easy to find a certain item at any time.

Brooches and badges; Wigs and hair extensions etc...

Rings; nail polish etc; fake tattoos and bindis; sunglasses; glitter stuff; make up creams and powders; belts; bracelets; hair clips & accessories; lipsticks; eyeshadows etc...

Ribbons and strips of fabric (can be used for your hair or other decorating - for instance, of hats etc)...
More ribbons...
Make up brushes etc...
Regular / daily use make up for easy access...
I started to organise the study too, but it won't be finished until I get a new filing cabinet or two. I still need to organise the Rumpus Room (my daughter's play room) and the Shed. So still a great deal to get through before babybat #2 arrives! We want to get the house in order before the gothling arrives.

How do you all organise your wardrobes, clothes and accessories? Do you label things and arrange by colour etc? I'm very interested to hear how you all organise your stuff.


  1. Wow, that's awesome! We have very small closets (apparently they didn't have many clothes back in 1910!), so I don't have many things to organize. Coats at the end, then dresses, skirts, pants, long tunics, t-shirts. Scarves on a couple of hangers, shoes and boots on the floor. Although it's similar to yours in that it's very dark inside when you open the closet door! :D

    1. Thanks for your lovely comments! I also used to have a very small closet when growing up but now that I'm in my own house I can use something a bit bigger.

  2. wow. Your wardrobe is so organised! I do a cleaning with a few years between and store things in boxes. Your wardrobe is huge and seem to store lots of lovely items :)

    1. Thanks heaps for the lovely comments! Let's see if I can keep it organised...

  3. I love pictures of goths' closets. It's just a lovely sea of black!

    1. Thanx! I do have some colours in there, but not many! :)

  4. oh all the clothes!! <3 currently most of my clothes are waiting in my house moving boxes so i can just sit here staring at other peoples clothes ^^