Saturday, March 16, 2013

~* Pregnant Goth - Recent Outfit of the Day *~

Wow, the time has just gone by so quickly this time around. I can't believe I'm already half-way through the pregnancy. I am 21 weeks in 2 days. I suppose because you are more busy with a toddler and working etc that you just don't notice the time going by so fast. With the first pregnancy, it seemed like it took forever. This time it feels like the time is slipping through my fingers.

Anyway, here are a couple of pregnant goth photos of me from when we went to the beach with my daughter recently - they are from when I was around 13 weeks I think (can't quite remember).

As you can see I'm dressed in very casual goth attire since these days I just don't have the energy to get really dressed up. Also, we were at the beach, so you don't want to be wearing heaps of stuff.
The tent is my brother-in-law's and it was great for me as it kept me protected from the mighty orb.

Of course, the hat and sunglasses are on when I venture out of the tent. I also had a parasol with me somewhere. Yes, I am not a huge fan of the beach. But one must tolerate it if one has a toddler etc. I must admit it was fun to see my daughter frolick in the water, to play with her in the sand and see how happy she was!

Here I am also wearing my comfy skull cardigan (another recent thrift find)!


  1. always fascinating how much brighter the smile of pregnant women seems :-D


  2. Aw, how cute! Goths out in hot weather cab look so out of place unless they have proper sun protection! And I love the straw-summery top-hat style hat!
    Congrats on being half way through your pregnancy! :)

    1. Thanks heaps for your lovely comments! I am very flattered you took the time to read my little ol' blog...