Wednesday, September 11, 2013

~* Cemetery Outfit *~

I'm slowly going through all my files, photos, folders and junk - I do apologize that these are all old outfits! Better late than never I suppose! So, anyway, here is a recent-ish outfit from November last year when I attended an event at our local cemetery.

In sewing class, I also converted another vintage dress into this skirt (and turned the top half into a cardigan which isn't pictured here). I love converting dresses into two items! It's my "thing". I really love the fabric of the skirt and it is soooooo comfy and flowy. The butterfly necklace was given to me for my birthday from a friend. The shirt was also a gift for my birthday and I love them both!

I wore my Velveteen hooded cardigan as it was a bit of a chilly day - but wore my normal everyday make-up...

You can see how happy I look in these photos because I had only just discovered that I was pregnant at this time! Oh how little did I know back then what an immense journey ahead I would encounter!

Today I finally organised and sorted through all my fabric, fabric scraps and clothes I want to convert into something else! I've got so much junk...


  1. You looked so lovely that day indeed, and I'm sure it has something to do with yout happy pregnancy - aura! ^^ That butterfly pendant is stunning.

    I also have a couple of at least a half year old pictures I forgot to share on my blog and now I just don't find the way to sneak them into my posts...:P

    1. Thanks so much, Lynoire... I would still love to see your old photos! Post them on the days you have nothing else to write about! :)