Tuesday, September 11, 2012

~* Obituary Challenge *~

I was tagged by Dani Death Biscuit for the challenge to write your own obituary! Thanks Dani, and sorry for my delay in posting this! Also I was wondering if my lovely followers out there could please, please "like" my Facebook page The Stardust Castle so that I can choose a username - I would really appreciate your help! Thanks in advance. ♥ 
The Rules:
  • Link back to whoever tagged you. Done ^
  • Put these rules in your tag
  • Write an obituary about yourself.
  • Write a paragraph or two (or more if necessary) in length.
  • Have fun, because creative writing is one of the greatest joys in life!
Quite a recent photo of me at ♥ A romantic evening out for Valentine's Day at Soda Rock Diner 2012... ♥ I tried to wear a Gothabilly/Rockabilly outfit - I am also wearing my new black velvet waist cincher with a black rose lacey cardigan on top, my top hat with a black flower in it, my skull lady cameo necklace etc...

My Fictional Obituary:
Mrs Stardust Castle passed away peacefully on Wednesday the 18th of June, 2112 while in deep slumber.
She lived a long, delightful and fruitful life with many spendid moments. Well-known for her New Age, Gothic, Jewitchy eccentricities; she also relished her roles as dedicated and devoted mother, wife and grandmother...
Stardust achieved all her main objectives in life which included:

  • To share true love with her children, husband, grandchildren and other relatives
  • To share true friendship with her special comrades
  • To learn and grow in various different ways - mentally. physically and spiritually
  • To weave her own brand of new age, gothic, jewitchery into the world in order to create positive changes and help people
  • To write, edit, publish and design media that will help and change the world positively

  • She was a successful and professional Advertising / Publicity Coordinator, Writer, Editor, Publisher and Designer and she continued to work on different projects as well as volunteer pursuits until her departure from this realm.

    The Echanted Forest Funeral Service, has been entrusted with arrangements.


    1. I absolutely LOVE your outfit. You look amazing. You have very nice goals in life too ;)

      1. Thanx so much Bethezda... Another goal should be to learn to do make up as professionally as you do! :o)